Does the Google Pixel will be easy to repair?

Although the Google Pixel not out yet in Spain, is being launched in other countries and little by little we are knowing everything. As you have been told what it is in resistance the Google Pixel, and in theory, you don’t have to waste any because it is an improvement on the previous Nexus. Now we are going to focus, in what would happen if the Google Pixel XL us fall, if it would be easy to repair or difficult. You already anticipate that the note will give the Google Pixel XL is interesting, but it’ll have to be careful when you open it.

The guys from iFixit have come to the fore saying that it is not so difficult to repair because your score is not the worst that have been filtered, or much less. You can not miss the following video, because from the page to tell us how things were going with the Google Pixel XL:

Google Pixel XL will not be difficult to repair

ever Since the Nexus have obtained good scores, though with the Nexus 6S the thing changed a little bit, because if I remember correctly got 2 points or so (still a smartphone that is very complicated to repair). Typically, this occurs in the premium. But what happens with this new bet of Google to Pixel and Pixel XL?

The guys from iFixit have analyzed the Pixel XL. The results are better than we thought, a 6 out of 10 points. Then we cannot say that it will be easy to repair or complicated, but it is possible that be easier that are difficult to repair. The components can be replaced easier than on the Nexus 6S.

The components may be replaced easily

This score means, that if you have a problem with the Google Pixel XL and you have to replace something (for example the battery), you’ll be able to to replace it easy. if it’s any help, the screws are T5 Torx.

To the observation mode, iFixit declares that there is that be careful when you open it (as you already know, you can damage certain components during this procedure). Be very careful with this, always do it with care because you could “load the Pixel”.

The results then, are more than acceptable to be a top-of-range.

What do you think? Did you think you would get more or less note?

The post how Google Pixel will be easy to repair?

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