Do you want to test the OnePlus 3 before anyone else?

The Lab OnePlus 3

As indicated by the leaks we already know that the OnePlus 3 will be released to the public very soon. Yes, OnePlus seems to be presented by the device on the 14th of June and that is less than two weeks.

Now, how to get a OnePlus 3 before anyone else? In this case, we do not talk about to purchase the OnePlus 3 but yes you can get a unit-test to be able to show it to all the followers and people that you need to know more about the OnePlus 3.

OnePlus 3

How to get a OnePlus 3 to analyze?

Obviously OnePlus will not give test drives to people who don’t have nothing to contribute to the company but if you have a large platform (on the web, on YouTube or a similar medium) it is more likely that OnePlus send you a OnePlus 3 for to be able to try it out and share all that you learn from it with your followers.

This new initiative OnePlus is called The Lab, and is the community-based program to offer reviews of the OnePlus 3. Yes, that means that you’ll be able to get a unit test a few days before its global launch, and thanks to this, OnePlus will be able to create a review full and giant OnePlus 3 seen from many points of view different.

How to apply for your test drive?

If you are interested in participating you’ll need to follow a few very simple steps to OnePlus analyze your application:

  • you Need to enter the link of the button.
  • Create a account of OnePlus (you can log in directly with Facebook or Google if you don’t want to lose the time).
  • you Must fill in an text of 500 words in which you are going to explain to OnePlus why you should analyze the phone, you’ll also have to put your address details in order to receive it and you will be able to provide urls of analysis that you have already done.

The company will accept nominations for only 6 days so if you want to be a part of it you will have to throw quick and click the next button. Yes, only 30 people will be able to analyze the phone.

Get a OnePlus 3 for analysis

The OnePlus 3 has already passed the certification TENAA in China and that means that the terminal is practically finished so that it would not be difficult to see any of these on the road very soon.

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