Do you want to receive a notification when it begins to rain? This is the app for you

¿would You like to have in your smartphone a rain alarm on Android? Do that when would you send a notification alertándote to know if you have to go out with a coat or parka? In this article, we’ll talk about a app which allows you to receive notifications when it rains, a rain alarm for Android. There are many apps similar to know the time and others, but this one we especially liked. Is free its price is 0 euros, so we recommend that you try it because you will not lose absolutely anything.

This app operates in Spain, Argentina, Mexico and many other corners of the world. You can’t miss the video, because you’ll get an idea of how well it works.

Rain Alarm, your app for Android

This app for Android is great, because apart from being free, alerts you when the rain is coming to your city. It’s called Rain Alarm or Rain Alarm and it is very comfortable and easy to use. In addition, it gives you a forecast well reliable short-term, ideal and fast. Uses the data in real-time.

If you do outside activities, you will instantly. do you Have to leave the house for a moment to make the purchase? The app will tell you if it is raining in case it starts to rain. Doesn’t have to look out the window, because this app alarms of rain for Android will tell you everything.


  • Detects precipitation (rain, sleet, or snow).
  • Launches notifications in the form of vibration or sound.
  • Map simple and easy.
  • Widgets for your screen.

With Alarm Rain for Android, you’ll be able to be aware always of the time outside. If you are looking for, is an app that always you know when it starts to rain where you live, you will be. It’s free!

Proof Rain Alarm for Android, you will not be disappointed

we’ll leave You the link below to download Rain Alarm for Android in the Play Store. This app has no waste. Users who have tried it are pleased with its performance. You can take a look at the comments. Of note, it has a 4,2 of media.

Is great, I recommend it:

WP-Appbox: Alarm of Rain (Rain Alarm) (Free, Google Play) →

, Free, free, free!

The post do you Want to receive a notification when it begins to rain? This is the app for you

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