Do you want to know why the LG G5 has been a failure?

LG G5 en mano

When we went to the Mobile World Congress in 2016 we have already noticed that LG is going to eat the boogers, all eyes had been set on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and with good reason. The booth of LG at the MWC attracted a lot of attention but the mobile not so much, and what I threw next to him less, I still remember the bad experience with the virtual reality goggles from LG.

it Is true that LG had innovated, had made a different phone, and had even done things that users had requested but the profile is more conservative and the great fame of Samsung you have been to create the best terminal for 2016, yes, the Galaxy S7 is the best mobile that you can buy currently, and it is difficult for someone to launch a terminal for less than 600 euros that is as balanced as this.

LG G5 stand

why LG has not sold many LG G5?

Let’s start from the basis that LG will always go wrong, yes, despite throwing terminals pretty good LG does not have the reputation of other big companies like Samsung. It is true that the one who gave many companies have such a category as LG in terms of mobile phones but to compete with the leader (Samsung) is something that is difficult from the real perspective of LG.

The LG G5 is a mobile ugly, the aesthetic is horrible (of truth, to view the article in the MWC in 2016, I have thought that a mobile phone so could not cost the same as a Galaxy S7, it was an insult to the view). In this aspect the critics who did not want to put it to the height of the bitumen noted that LG had to innovate and had not copied the classic style iPhone that dozens of brands have used but if it works… why not do it?

The design iPhone already get bored but if it works, why not?

The LG G5 has not fulfilled expectations but not only your and design characteristics (in fact to the price / quality) have been major determinants of the campaign, the marketing and planning of the company has not been for nothing successful for several reasons:

  • The release date has been erroneous: Launch a terminal after having been launched the Galaxy S7 (strong opponent and that they knew they could not overcome) has put them at a disadvantage. The price of the LG G5 was greater than that of the Galaxy S7 this being a better alternative, especially counting that the Galaxy S7 gave us an experience VR without precedent and that some stores had already come down in price. The launch would have been the same or even anticipate.
  • the price of The terminal was not correct: Yes, we recognize that the hardware was of book and all is well but if you want to compete against a strong opponent, you have to lower your prices, if you do it at the same level who has more fame to equality of conditions it would be weird not to win. It is how to launch an iPhone and a Samsung at the same price and features, in this case Apple would sell more despite the fact that I would buy a Samsung.
  • The friends are expensive and useless: If you spend 600 euros on a phone and have to spend another 100 on each one of its accessories is almost better that you buy an iPhone. That is what I think the majority of people do not buy an iPhone for its price. In this aspect, we know that the price is justified but when we speak of the mass of the information is reduced and basic things like branding or the category of the brand influence greatly on the decision. People do not want the extra expense. The battery is replaced by a powerbank, the camera module is not much and the sound (how a mobile phone 600 euros should not bring a good sound?).

LG remains the seventh-seller worldwide and it seems that it has sold nearly 2.2 billion of LG G5, a figure that is about 800,000 terminals below what they expected to sell but what is certain is that it was expected that LG is not selling phones like churros. Despite the fact that the LG G5 costs 100 euros less than the Galaxy S7 in the present is not yet sufficient to opt for this phone.

we are Not considering the design because it is something very out of taste but what is certain is that it is horrible for a phone so expensive and if you add in a friend of those bulky… Nothing to object to. We do not want to undermine the expectations of the LG G5, is a good terminal. Now, these are some of the reasons why that has not succeeded and LG you should consider a change if you want to get to where they need to be.

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