Do you know the differences between clear cache and clear data?

┬┐you Know what are the differences between clear cache and clear data? Many users still have this doubt, so in this article, we will try to help you to resolve it. Since it has always been said that if there is a problem with an app, clearing the cache solved… and what about deleting data? To this doubt, we are going to tell you what it means to clear the cache and clear the data in Android.

Our co-XatakaAndroid produced a very interesting article talking in depth of these differences. So don’t miss this that we tell you:

como eliminar datos de aplicaciones y cache en marshmallow

Clear cache vs Delete data, differences

If you pick up your smartphone and you walk into the Settings > Applications and choosing an application, you will see that you appear options clear data and clear cache. But they are very different things, so if you don’t want to lose all your data, be careful what you’re pressing.

  • Clear cache: this option deletes all the temporary files of the application (since the cache memory is an auxiliary), so that if you open an app or game, you’ll see that everything remains the same as before. When an app gives you problems, clearing the cache many times is fixed, so it is advisable to clear the cache, not every day but a couple of times in the year. You’ll be able to delete it in Settings > Storage > Clear cache. This you can see in the image above.
  • Delete data: this option erases absolutely everything, you leave the application like that if the finish of the install (also clears the cache). For example, if you delete the app data of Facebook, when you start the app you will have to re-meter your login. This is basically the difference between clear cache and clear data. This option is convenient after an update, when a feature stops working well sometimes solves this problem. You can delete data from Settings > Storage > Clear data.

we Hope that it has become more clear the difference between the memory cache and data in Android, now you already know that you’re erasing. The radical option, is to delete the data because it erases everything, don’t forget!

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