Do you know that there is a tray and a secret message on Instagram?

it Is likely that the people who follow you in Instagram you have spoken and you are not aware of. did you Know that there is a tray of secret messages, just like in Facebook Messenger?

In this post we will tell you how to view the applications of messages on Instagram. To date, Instagram what we did was to send all the messages to our inbox Instagram Direct, regardless of who they came from, but now, those people who do not follow it, you will come to a new tray, where are the requests, message.

Solicitud de mensaje en Instagram

Where and how to view the applications of messages on Instagram?

This reminds me very much of the message requests in the Messenger of Facebook and in fact the operation is the same only that this time is so different. It is more or less the same operation but in a different way on a graphic level.

This tray can be located in the following way:

  • we Enter in Instagram.
  • We click on the messages Direct that we sent you in Instagram (if you don’t know how to chat on Instagram here’s how to do it) and see all the messages that we have exchanged with other users with which we have already spoken.
  • If there are any requests we will see in the top right is the same text that we see in the image, 1 request or x applications.
  • If we click on this text Instagram will take us to another tray hidden in where are the conversations of people that he has spoken to us but that we don’t have in Instagram.

With these requests we will be able to do a number of things, or reject them all, in the large button below the image. In that button, we can to reject all and each one of the requests that we have or we can accept one at a time.

to be able To accept a request only we will enter it and click on the button below that puts Allow, by clicking there you will be able to maintain a normal conversation with the user that has sent the request. This is something that until recently was not well and in fact I had a request in there that unknown, of people that, yes, it is likely that I interesase speak in his time. do you Already know of this tray hidden messages on Instagram?

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