Do you know how much data you spend a message of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of those apps that everyone uses but, however, WhatsApp always work. Like that it is good to have a cell phone very powerful for not being around all day crying about the crashes and lack of space it is useless to have it if our rate of mobile you 200 MB. The weird thing is that, despite having a low speed, Whatsapp works properly (always and when we talk of messages and not multimedia).

Now, how much data is needed in order to use WhatsApp? We’ve been testing and, despite the fact that we already knew that the consumption of WhatsApp was tiny, we have now determined the consumption of WhatsApp. To send a message WhatsApp spends between 500 bytes and 1500 bytes. This is the average consumption of a message from WhatsApp (obviously if the message takes 20 sentences is not the same as a message of a sentence).

WhatsApp para Mac OS X

how much data spend messages of WhatsApp?

If we throw statistics an average user sends and receives around 500 messages WhatsApp each month, and that, multiplied by how much you spend each message is very little consumption.

Really for you to the idea with about 150 MB we can send about 100000 messages of WhatsApp. That is to say, we can live with 150 MB 200 months of using WhatsApp. What goes up the consumption and data of WhatsApp is to send multimedia where if we are in many groups, or if we tend to share a lot of multimedia yes we are going to notice a high consumption.

We came to the conclusion that with a fee free like FreedomPop could send WhatsApp messages unlimited during all of our life without paying for a hard. WhatsApp does not spend too much data the problem is that browsing, viewing videos and sending them yes spend data.

calls and video calls WhatsApp if you have an intake different but that’s another story. Send and receive WhatsApp is something that our rate of data just note therefore, it is necessary to know that it takes many MB to have WhatsApp and be using it constantly.

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