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We are in the XXI century and the selfie is already part of our lives but if we take hand of the Google trends we can see that one of the things most sought after during the whole of this year has been the What is a selfie? What is the meaning of selfie? Are there really people who still don’t know what that is? Well, yes, although in certain parts of the planet can seem like something very strange, there are still people that don’t know what is a selfie.

Andy also shows us his side more narcissistic

In this article we will not just treat the meaning but we will talk about also a little of the history of the same and even I will give you some tips to make you a good selfie which is why it is recommended that you continue reading.

Primeros selfis de la historia

What is a selfie?

The selfie is a self-portrait made with a camera, currently the majority of them are made with the front camera of the mobile phone and that is why the cameras front have evolved to such an extent that they have been born smartphones like the ASUS ZenFone Selfie. Once you have done the most common is to upload it to a social network such as Facebook or Instagram.

many years Ago that the self-portrait or self-portrait there is (in 1839 Robert Cornelius had already done a self-portrait although the exposure required a very long time, and it was easy to uncover the lens and be placed on the picture) but however it has not been until 13 September 2002 (13 years ago) when it was used for the first time this word in a web-property of public television in australia. In 2013, the word selfie is already out in the dictionary, and the word self-portrait is the appropriate alternative in the Spanish.

The plural of selfie is selfis

In 1900 appeared the first handheld camera, the Kodak Brownie, and this has made the self-portrait would be easier. Often were in front of a mirror or with a tripod where you stabilize the camera (a sample is in the middle photo you can see the side of Robert Cornelius).

And yes, although it’s been years that the selfie exists it has not been until 2010 when he has taken the momentum that you all know today, with the improvement of the front-facing cameras in terminals as the iPhone 4, currently in Android we have terminals with the best front-facing cameras as I mentioned at the beginning (front flash, many MP, selfies, widescreen, etc). Have you been clear what is a selfie? Do you know these facts about their history?

What is the motivation for users to do a selfie?

it Is complicated to define what leads us to do a selfie but so common there are several things that are likely to be mobile to carry it out and that they are very simple:

  • to Call the attention of other people.
  • Boast of the times, places, or accomplishments we have achieved.
  • to Send a message of a personal and fully custom.
  • have Fun making photos of the most original and strange.
  • Raise the self-esteem by taking our side more narcissistic.

Selfie Divertido

Tips for a good selfie

And yes, once you’ve found a reason to make a good selfie, why don’t you stay to see some tips on how to make a good one? Normally these rules work in all situations but you can always take your creative side to make a selfie original.

  • make Sure that there is enough light – If your front camera does not have a good flash (there’s even a flash of xenon to Android) it is best to have natural light and find that angle and intensity at which you leave or go outside favored in the photo.
  • do Not use your arm – Extend the arm is still interesting but good selfies are removed with a mirror, a tripod or even a stick of selfie, here you will find some of the best, allow you to add many possibilities to your self-portrait.
  • bring out your best side, don’t put the camera straight – The camera never is usually placed from the front, looking for your good side, place the camera at the height of the eyes and in some kind of angle that leave the most favored, nothing to get pictures of symmetrical shape.
  • Practice – practice makes the master, if you’re going to take pictures of this kind it is best that you go calculating to what distances and angles of salts the better, the more you do the better chance you’ll go right and there will come a day in which you get to be a sex symbol in every selfie, there are people who have thousands of photos on Instagram and on they all leave the same, the idea of the selfie may not be that but it is interesting to see how some dominate the technique to exit all great.

¿You have become a master of selfies? We are sure that with these tips you’ll improve them, if you need more data about the selfie, you want to know, you want more tips or need a specific suit please do not hesitate to use the comments, the selfie is in fashion and the selfie continues to triumph. do You dare to post a selfie on our wall of Facebook?

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