Do you have Nintendo Switch the fault is cancelled, the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet 2?

nintendo-switch-modulo-dockThe past month of August, we got to know a news that is probably not happy to the Android fans most gamers: the alleged cancellation of the new NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2, the Android tablet-oriented gaming for a reason for now, is unknown.

But today, thanks to the launch of the new Nintendo Switch that we have been able to see website, the console hybrid from Nintendo that unifies the format and laptop in a single device, we have come to the conclusion of whether the launch of this console could be affected in a direct way to the cancellation of the Shield tablet 2 NVIDIA, do you know why?

what Has killed the Nintendo Switch to the Nvidia Shield Tablet 2?

NVIDIA Shield Tablet junto a su gamepadfirst of all, it is necessary to comment that the new console hybrid of Nintendo, account with a microprocessor developed by NVIDIA in their interior, very probably belonging to the range Tegra and, possibly, the same that had built the tablet Shield 2 from NVIDIA if this had not been paid in time.

For this reason, it is not unreasonable to think that Nintendo could have demanded certain exclusivity to NVIDIA, not only to use this microprocessor, but, in addition, to not to launch any tablet with the Android operating system, which could be the direct competition for this new console, among which, of course, would be the Shield Tablet 2 NVIDIA.

Obviously, there is no official confirmation on the part of any of the two parties about this information, and most likely never spoken about it, but it is not uncommon to think that Nintendo would have asked for this exclusivity to NVIDIA with the goal of attracting all eyes, and eliminate most of the competition. Be that as it may, the more likely it is that this doubt remains in our heads for a long, long time.

do you Think that Nintendo could have demanded to NVIDIA exclusivity of the chip Tegra? Don’t forget to leave your opinion.

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