Do you deserve to be the chests, legendary and epic Clash Royale?


Since a few weeks, after the last update we are in the shop Clash Royale (very occasionally), with chests, legendary and epic items to buy. You see, the chests are special don’t come out every day, just like you get one a week. By this, we are going to talk to you about if it is worth to spend money on chests, legendary and epic Clash Royale.

new chests allow users to get more cards, however, can sometimes be expensive, especially if you buy one or two a week. We will tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of the chests, legendary and epic items.

Clash Royale reacciones

Chests, legendary and epic Clash Royale, do you deserve the penalty?

My experience:

  • Chests legendary. it Costs 500 gems (5 euros) or appears in a pack of 9,99 euros with coins and gems. It is okay to buy it because it ensures a legendary, but not what. I bought 2. In one tapped me on the trunk (not was), on the other, a pit of lava (which I already had and didn’t even use). Worth relatively… if were you, I would buy one for sure because it is very exciting that time. But don’t get your hopes up much… neither will disappoint if you don’t you get the letter you expect.
  • Chests epic. Depends. I have opened only one as of now (I think that cost me some 10,000 or 15,000 coins, I’m not sure). But in my case, I do not it was worth it. Promises enough letters epic, the problem is that they are repeated. In my case I touched epic that I do not use, therefore I do not served. But you could play 4 poisons, 3 princes, etc, I have Not had a good experience with this safe, but it can happen. At least it is not as expensive as the legendary. I would also suggest that you open 1 for you to know what it feels like.

Open a chest to the year does not damage to

you see, my experience with the chests is as well asa. Supercell is not going to give something for nothing. Wants users to spend the money by buying a lot of chests are different, until they get and improve to the maximum their cards. If it came out just what you want…it would be a little strange. This also you can get it, but you’ll have to spend the money in the game store, buying the card to throw fixed.

What is your experience with the chests?

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