DJI has the solution to the problem of the drones in the airports

Surely in the last few days you’ve heard of the problems that the drones are causing in the airport Gatwick, in the United Kingdom. And that is the ongoing emergence of drones in its airspace is preventing peel off the planes.

¿The result? A disaster of magnitudes epic, with hundreds of thousands of passengers in land. however, it is increasingly close to completion, and that DJI, the well-known brand of drones, has offered to provide a solution to all the airports. what Will be the final?

DJI wants to end the war between the drones and airports

If you do not know it yet, DJI is one of the leading brands globally in terms of drones refers. In their catalog has some quality models like the DJI Mavic Pro or the new DJI Mavic Air. This time, however, it is not in the news for their models, but for the security.

And is that the guys at DJI have offered to the various airports of the United Kingdom a system with which to end the interference of the drones. Under the name “Remote ID” have presented a series of measures to tighten the security.

This system would be based on the identification and the monitoring of all the drones. To do this, would be shared with the authorities the exact location of the drone, as well as data on the pilot and the serial number of the model. In this way, it would be easier to identify the devices involved in attacks like this.

But not everything is there. Your proposal goes through the use of your plataforna Aeroscope, with which established a series of restricted areas, at different levels, to which users could access based on their credentials, or your ability of riding. With this, the security in areas that are more delicate and would be guaranteed.

Although for the moment the attacks to Gatwick have ended, with its leaders arrested, we’ll see if the airports in the area are beginning to implement the system who propose to the guys from DJI.

¿do you Think that is a good measure to fight against the invasion of airports by drones?

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