Discover the Xiaomi Mi Sport headphones bluetooth with up to 7 hours of battery life

Descubre los Xiaomi Mi Sport, unos cascos bluetooth con hasta 7 horas de autonomíaDespite the Xiaomi Hybrid and the Xiaomi Piston, two extraordinary products in terms of their quality-price ratio, Xiaomi has decided to increase its catalog of headphones launching their new My Sport, as we read in GSMArena. And as you can imagine by the name, are especially focused on the field of sport.

These helmets in-ear crave ideal for doing any physical activity while enjoying our music. Thanks to the typical arc of rubber that we put behind our ears we will not have any problem fixing. In addition, both handsets are linked by a cable to colgarnoslo comfortably on the neck in case you want to rest at some point.

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Descubre los Xiaomi Mi Sport, unos cascos bluetooth con hasta 7 horas de autonomíaIf we talk about numbers, these helmets Xiaomi remain in just 18 grams of weight, counting on its interior with a battery of 110 mAh. Although it may seem little, the chinese company claims that we can reach the 7 hours of music playback without too many problems. In addition, we have protection IPx4, enough to withstand a drop of sweat or light rain. Finally, in order to pair with our device will have the Bluetooth technology 4.1.

The departure date is the next day November 11, for the chinese market, so it shouldn’t take too much to get to the online stores through which they can be obtained in the usual way in Europe and the countries of Latin america. Its price, of only 22 euros, what makes a product very attractive if you are looking for a device of this type. It seems that family of headphones Xiaomi is enlarged with a new member to the height of their brothers.

What do you think about these new My Sports of Xiaomi? Do you think that can be a good option?

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