Discover the Golem of ice of Clash Royale


there Are many players who have the Golem in your deck. You know, that Golem giant that is very strong and leaves two golemitas to your deck. Well, a new Golem is coming to the game and this is the Golem of ice of Clash Royale. It will arrive in a few days, in two weeks more. If you want to know what you’ll find, as you can see it within the game. It is located in the sand 8 Peak-ice Cream.

This Golem of ice of Clash Royale we have already seen in action in the video below. It seems a letter interesting, but it is clear that for 2 of elixir we can not ask for much. But the fans of the refrigerant and of the paralysis is going to spend big. If you want to get an interesting idea of how it is this letter, do not miss the following video:

Golem of ice of Clash Royale

This is the description of the letter: “Is tough, he attacks the buildings and, when destroyed, it explodes and slows enemies nearby. Wearing a fabulous necklace of coal to play with the nose and the nails”.

This Golem ice cream 2 elixir is special. Everything indicates that it will go to the buildings and that after you die, you fall asleep what you find around you, with a similar effect to the spirit of ice.

this data we have for the level 1:

  • Life: 625.
  • Damage per second: 16.
  • Damage: 40.
  • Damage deadly: 23.
  • attack Speed: 2.5 seconds.
  • Objectives: structures.
  • Speed: low.
  • Scope: body to body.
  • deployment Time: 1 second.
  • Elixir: 2.

is Not a bad letter since then. Surely the high levels achieved to convince us. There is only that to wait two weeks to enjoy this letter, but these days you we will be giving updates of how it’s going to evolve this card.

and you will be Sure that you do not have waste!

will Arrive in two weeks

does Not have a bad pint this Golem of Ice, is likely to replace many spirits of ice because it is more complete. But will have to see the result on the board… it might be good to use it along with the mounts to break structures, but will have to see how it works.

do Not miss also the previous video (soon we will tell you more).

What you seem a priori this letter?

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