Discover the best password manager for Android

Your passwords are something elemental to ensure the privacy and security of your accounts. However, if there are many accounts that you it is likely you find it difficult to a little to have total control over all your keys. But that is your case don’t have to worry. In this article we present the best password manager for Android. So don’t stop reading it and shields the safety of your accounts.

My Passwords

My Passwords

My Passwords is one of the best managers of passwords that you will find in the Play Store. This application will allow you to manage multiple passwords for all your accounts. So you can keep safe your email, your apps, social networks, bank accounts, records, among others. In this way you will not have to memorize all your passwords but only one: the login to this app.

in Addition, the app has several functions to ensure that all your passwords are safe. The most interesting of these functions is to be able to make backup copies to avoid losing your data. Also offers data encryption, AES-256, one of the safest. You should know that the app is free, but with a version of pays a lot more complete.

Download My Password via the following link.


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