Discover that it is the only thing that unites Black Shark with Xiaomi

Discover that it is the only thing that unites Black Shark with Xiaomi

Recently there was the launch of the smartphone gaming Black Shark 2. And there are many people who think that this mobile belongs to the Chinese company Xiaomi. However, this is not entirely true. In this article we clarify that Black Shark is not Xiaomi. So continue reading and find out much more.

Black Shark and Xiaomi are corporations different

Black Shark 2

According to a publication of IDC, Black Shark 2, the manufacturer of the best mobile for gamers of the time, has clarified his true relationship with Xiaomi. And is that through an official statement, the company has informed that it is not the property of Xiaomi. As this, has only 46% of the shares of Black Shark. And in addition, these two companies operate entirely independently.

According to the statement, “Xiaomi and Black Shark are two corporations, production lines, brands, departments, sales, marketing, R & D and independent”. This means that the only link between the two companies is the involvement of Xiaomi as a shareholder.

The relationship of Xiaomi with Black Shark is very different to the one you have with redmi and pocophone.

Something that is certainly very distant to the relationship that you have Xiaomi with Pocophone and Redmi. The other two brands of smartphones sold by the Chinese company, has been positioned as the fifth brand among the leading manufacturers worldwide.

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