Discover how to create the video “Your year in Facebook” 2018

Facebook is already preparing to receive the new year. For start bouncing 2018, has dedicated a video to the users. This is the typical video of memories that we had throughout the year with postings of Facebook, and anyone can do it and edit it to your liking.

to learn how to do that, the following information will show you all the steps. We can put the photos that we liked this year, and share the video with our friends. By default it creates only, but you can edit it if you don’t like.

How do you get the “Year in review” from Facebook?

With the video of “Your year in Facebook”, we will see a total overview of the most popular photos or most of us liked during the 365 days of the year. What makes Facebook, is to choose random photos that we have mounted on our profile, and organize them in the video.

The good thing is that we will be able to edit the video to place the images you want. To make this summary of the year, just follow the following steps:

  • Enter this link to take us directly to to create the video.
  • In the upper right corner will be the option Edit, we need to press on it to change the images of the video.
  • Are 13 steps in total, and in each of them there are photographs that we can replace.
  • When we finish, click on Next.
  • After we may post the video or share it with our friends.

as simple As that, we have already created our video summary of 2018 on Facebook. The truth is that it is great, go ahead and relive the best memories of your 2018 thanks to this idea of Facebook.

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