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With respect to program IM WhatsApp, the most awaited novelty in recent times with the arrival of the Material interface Desing, was the emergence of VoIP calls to all without to resort to little tricks like getting a call from one of the first experimental users so they set forward. Some time has passed since the landing of the free calls Whatsapp for everyone, and the fact is that there are opinions for all tastes about such functionality. The issue is that it is not something that appeals to everyone.

Some of the most common drawbacks that can be heard are relative to a sound quality is not too good or consumption of high data when used VoIP calls without being connected to a WiFi network. The point is that if you to be one of those unhappy with the quality or consumption data, there is a solution for it. It would be more correct to say that there are two solutions, but we recommend not to resort to that is to install an old apk WhatsApp, since part of that sooner or later will have to update app problems can acarrearos security.

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That said, you need not lose heart, because the answer to how to disable WhatsApp calls from there, it’s easy and it’s free. Specifically, we refer to Android application called Disable Whatsapp Calls . If the install you give permission to access the system notifications, you have the possibility disable incoming and outgoing calls popular app IM. The only thing you should know is that although it is free, if you to try to make a call Whatsapp with Disable Whatsapp Call installed, instead you will make a conventional call , which can lead to charges with your operator or consumption of minutes of your voice rate.

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What do you think of Whatsapp Disable Calls ?, and the quality and consumption of WhatsApp VoIP calls?

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