Digi Wise sure to rent your SmartWatch and mobile

Is Accurate than that to cover mobile in case of theft or breach of strokes and falls? Just landed on the market Digi Wise , a pioneer in the online trading platform insurance cubertura give users smart watches in Spain.

Digiwise para contratar tus seguros para smartwatch y móviles

For the purpose of protect our cell phone of any event that can be sent recommended insurance , especially when you consider that more than half of its users have had an accident that has damaged device . If you stick to official reports, we can see that 35% of the events related to break against theft star four in ten parts of policyholders. Similarly, 15% of users have problems because the mobile phone is dropped into water.

Usually this type of insurance for mobile they will provide the necessary financial support in the event of theft, broken screen, falls, improper use of these devices as massive calls to international numbers or payment and spills.

Rent your insurance easily, quickly and economically with Digi Wise

Now, for the first time, the users SmartWatch in Spain will have coverage through Digi Wise, the online platform for insurance . Transparency, comfort, speed and ease of use are some of the advantages that brings you Digi Wise, the trade name under which the company Web Solutions Insurance Europe, Insurance mediator is known and Cover Holder Lloyd. With over 20 years experience in the insurance industry for electronic devices will be able to customize their products to suit your needs.


This new option for securing our mobile devices from Internet provides a standard coverage for damage caused by impact and shock, water, repair, fake calls and any incidents such as theft. At the same time we guarantee global coverage for our smart watches can travel anywhere, and we as users can share all our experiences with other friends in social networks. As if this were not enough, Premium service enjoy a extended warranty , once it has expired given by the manufacturer.

With this new platform can contract your insurance online practical home without having to move anywhere. Not to mention that the whole recruitment process will take a few minutes. You can also receive policy directly in your e-mail and final price of the policy to quickly form online, including tax on insurance premiums (IPS) without additional costs.

Digiwise, nueva plataforma para contratar seguros de móvil

On the other hand know that Digi Wise electronic devices can ensure six months after the current acquisition, offering maximum flexibility, plus the possibility of denser subscription in the services offered on it time you deem appropriate and without complications of any kind.

All information about services and coverage that offers Digi Wise the’ll find online and compare what approach you with other insurance companies.

What do you think you recruitment services SmartWatch insurance and other devices Digi Wise , and some knowledge? How was your experience?

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