Did you know that people use Change.org to upload movies pirates?

change org contenido pirata

you Surely know the popular page Change.org in which users make requests “to change what is unjust or what is wrong”. But in recent times, it has been used for bad practices. That is to say, many users have used it to upload movies pirates. Did you know?

Change.org is one of the webs most popular and well known of the time, however, in recent times is taking it one practice nothing usual, create requests with links to movie pirates.

change org peliculas piratas

Users use Change.org to upload movies pirates

Typically, in this website are collected all kinds of unfair demands, and causes, for people to sign to get a particular objective. As, for example, to reduce the share of the self-employed in Spain. But this site, Change.org more than 100 million users, is picking up each time requests more strange as on this occasion, the related upload movies pirates.

campaigns that are conducted on the platform have sense, but in the last few years, it has been used for something very different… the piracy. Many owners complained about the piracy, but in recent months, complaints have increased… so much so, that you no longer know what to do.

Although Change.org it is quite fast at the time of delete the content related to piracy, as is the theme that we are to treat, many companies don’t see enough and want to take other type of measures. Many even contact Google to remove those links, though Change.org it is quite fast.

If you’re looking for dvdrip, or other terms, you are sure to find something

Still you can check for yourself that there are some links pirates active in or related content… just entering this website and by typing for example dvdrip.

What we know for now, is that the complaints continue to grow, and the climbs of this type of content also. ¡¡What a great!! But it is a shame that to use pages like this for this type of practices.

What do you think of the topic? Who is to blame? Do you should have a filter stronger?

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