Did you know that it is not useful to archive the chats of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has been constantly updating it to improve the user experience of the messaging application. We have seen that you have added the button to mark messages as read, and just a few hours ago we learned that it is testing a new mode of vacation. Today we’re going to talk about a function that is old and that many people use, although in reality it is not very useful.

function to archive chats allows you to hide a conversation or a group in a tab unknown that has the messaging application. To then access these chat rooms hidden when we want to. It should be noted that the option of archiving does not delete the chat, or save it in the backup that you do. Therefore, you can only use for times where you have to pay a mobile phone and do not want to see with whom you are speaking.

No archives conversations, deleting them

most of The people we save or archive the conversations for several reasons. The first of them is with the hope that the person you re writing to engage in a conversation. And other people do by habit or hobby, as they can to hide the chats that you are not using and flushed a little the application.

users are not aware of a latent problem that is very common when we archive chats. photos, videos, voice memos, and up to Gifs that we send are automatically saved. That is to say that your device will have less memory to store more things because of the chats are archived.

Now, once you know that all chats are archived or groups consume your memory, you can make a few small steps for this not to happen.

  • you Can enter one of your chats and then you can press on the three dots that are at the top right.
  • Now you must go to the settings and then you click on “more”.
  • you’ll See a function called “Send chat by email” and obviously, you have to press it.
  • once you are ready, you have to store the chat with all and attachments that you have.
  • Then select the email that you should send it and everything is ready.

Remember that you must do the procedure to not have occupied space of your memory in chats that probably don’t use. did you Know this trick?

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