Did I buy the Galaxy S7 or I wait for the Galaxy S8?

Today the Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best Android phones that you can buy. It has it all: power, storage to spare, good battery, good camera and is even upgrading to a Nougat. But with the launch of the Galaxy S8 just 2 months, many people question whether it is good time to buy the Galaxy S7 or better to buy the Galaxy S8.

, we Could define this as the million-dollar question because it is very complicated. Really, between a model and another does not there are too many differences. And from the day of its release, sure that you get the Galaxy S7 for purchasing second hand at a good price (like 400-450 euros), while the Galaxy S8 will cost you about $ 849 (around 800 euros), but that’s sure to bring a gift. These prices are approximate, but we expect a price difference of the “double” only by a year apart.

Futuro Galaxy S8

did I buy the Galaxy S7 or I wait for the Galaxy S8?

it Is clear that as soon as you exit the Galaxy S8 to the market, the fans that want to buy the new flagship of the Samsung will for sale the Galaxy S7. In these moments, on the Internet, what we find in many web sites second-hand for 450 euro. But it is possible, that with the increase in demand and need to sell it to buy the new one, some go down even more in price.

just Like you save about 300-400 euros with respect to the S8

it Is possible that you will not quit for half the price of the Galaxy S8, but just as you save 300-400 euros easily. And the differences, are not anything of another world, because with the Galaxy S7 you can enjoy without limitations of a mobile and powerful with good camera, one of the best Android 2016.

What we know of the price of the Galaxy S8? As we told you in this article, it is stipulated that would be around 800 euros, but could be cheaper. If you cannot spend much money or don’t need the latest, you get plenty of the Galaxy S7. Will still be a good buy, because you will also have Nougat and mobile for many years. It is a terminal that does not give you problems.

What are you going to do? What Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S8?

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