DGT: Traffic will be sent fines by SMS or email


The General Directorate of Traffic, DGT, has taken an important step in the process of traffic fines. Until now, to refer to the violations of the drivers, it was only possible to access this information pos two pathways: The mailbox of the offender or the system TESTRA, in the case that the fine was not wearing at the time.

Now the DGT has adapted, finally, to the era of the technology and introduce a new notification system, a message by e-mail or an SMS to the phone of the offender. This novelty will come into force from next October 3, 2016.

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How will I be notified of the fines by SMS and email?

Yes, to date this was not possible but now the process will be official and will be available for the majority of citizens. The idea of this new program is to reduce the bureaucracy around the use of paper and shipping officers. If you want to avoid penalties it is best to find out where are the mobile speed cameras from the DGT.

savings that is achieved with this measure is important and will serve for a lot of procedures and administrative procedures. Yes, for the moment this notification through e-mail and SMS shall be in addition to the shipping and paper, not a replacement.

The process will be additional to the role, not a replacement

This means that, as of now, the penalties and fines indicated by the Guardia Civil Traffic, and the competent authorities will continue to notify in the time while the fines speed camera, traffic camera, etc will be sent by SMS, e-mail and paper, since not only have the role to mode of notification.

With this new measure also will reduce the potential problems of notification, and delays or deliveries of the same. Citizens will have a facilitated access to their history and fines and, at the same time, are able to accelerate progress on the pathway they are most interested in. The fines will come faster and faster and the reality is that we don’t know if this is good or bad, and in the end are fines not anything that we like in no time.

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