Develop an app that detects anemia by scanning photos of nails, unbelievable!

The technology is evolving to improve the life of the human being. Believe it or not, there is a application that could diagnose anemia without a blood sample taken. An easy way to detect this disease and all you need is a smartphone.

if you didn’t know, anemia is a condition that develops when a person’s blood lacks sufficient red blood cells or hemoglobin healthy. Thanks to the work of several biomedical engineers, has created a application that scans pictures of nails to accurately measure the amount of hemoglobin in your blood.

Everything about the app that can detect Anemia

the principal investigator of The project, professor at Emory University, says that the app has an accuracy similar to the tests done in the health centers, but without the need to draw blood.

The trigger for this project was a patient who was taking photos of yourself before and after transfusion, since the levels of hemoglobin were changed by their disease. This allowed him to fine-tune and adjust the application to work correctly.

The researchers say their application could to facilitate the self-management of patients with chronic anemia. Now it will be much easier to identify the moments in which they need to adjust their therapies, or transfusions.

The app works with a simple photo camera

The researchers studied photos of nails and their color, with hemoglobin levels as measured by CBC in 337: some healthy and others with a variety of diagnoses of anemia. The algorithm to convert the color of the nail to the level of hemoglobin in the blood was developed with 237 people and then tested on 100 people, with very good results.

The development team assures us that it is necessary for a clinical diagnosis for more precision. However, this tool helps detect the problem and that is a real achievement. what you were Looking for a wearable which helps to improve health? Then look at the Amazfit Health Band 1S.

The health applications are becoming increasingly more essential within the Android universe. In this article we tell you about Vitapp, an application that will help you to make a change in your life. However, an app that detects anemia is really useful.

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