Daydream View of gift buying a Google Pixel (only in the US)


Since the Google Pixel has come out with an outrageous price… Google wants to be like Samsung and give away glasses by buying their new flagship. This movement has been launched in the united States (we still don’t know if we will have Daydream View of gift buying Google Pixel in Spain). As you know, we talk about the new glasses VR Google, which in the U.S. may be able to get the users who book one of the new devices.

This promotion is perfect because it is as if the terminals cost about 79 dollars less (but yeah, for those who already were going to buy the glasses, but could be a bit silly). It is clear that Daydream VR has no waste (I love it), but many users would prefer that regardless of means unless the terminal, to pay the same and have gift glasses that may not get or sell.


Daydream View of gift buying Google Pixel

As we advance, this promotion has been launched in united States with the reservation of the new Google Pixel. As to Spain it seems that we exclude for all, as we can’t even enjoy these glasses gift buying the Pixel, something that we hope not happen, because, but, give me to me that they are not going to sell, or 1 unit in our country.

promotion works in the following way:

  • The users who book the Google Pixel, will receive a promo code for the Daydream VR.
  • The code will be sent by email 4 weeks after sending the Pixel.
  • This coupon can be redeemed on the Google Store, to receive the glasses for free before the year ends (can not be transferred to anyone).
  • Expires December 31, 2016.

we will Soon know if it will arrive in Spain

we hope you come to Spain, as more users are encouraged to buy the Pixel (especially those who were planning to buy Daydream VR).

it Is possible that we would know if arrives to Spain at the end of this month. We will watch this for on these days first. It would be a better way to sell their new products, at least, of a way more accessible. Let’s hope that Google does not re wrong.

do you Think that will lead to promotion to Spain?

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