Danger in the Play Store, applications ensure to update your Android version

Danger in the Play Store, applications ensure to update your Android version

Each time you arise news about a new version of Android this lends itself to many things. All users wish to have in your mobile the new operating system. What gives rise to the emergence of many malicious applications in the Play Store that claim they can update your mobile to Android. Logically, these apps will not comply at any time with what they promise.

Before you begin, it is very important that you are up to date with the applications corrupt the Play Store. For that reason here we tell you what are the 25 apps that are dedicated to the criptojacking in the Play Store. So you’ll be able to keep you safe and you will not be a victim of a robbery.

what is it that makes these applications that claim to update my version of Android?, what are they?

The first thing you have to know is that these applications do not even assure that they can update to Android Q. This means that the apps are aimed at very novice that are not well-informed. These applications only tell you that you will be able to update your mobile versions such as Android Oreo, or Foot.

To the surprise of many, in reality there is a large amount of apps that are based on lying and make sure that they can update your Android version. Here is a screenshot with some of them.

apps que aseguran actualizar tu version de android

in Addition, many of the applications have not even been released in the Play Store. These come with the distinctive early Access. The apps make it so that users believe they are receiving a new update of the Android system.

Another serious problem is that the scoring of the applications is false. For example, you’ll see that all the comments are negative but the app will have a higher score the real.

aplicaciones aseguran actualizar tu versión de Android

do Not install any of the applications that promise updates

apps falsas que actualizan movil android

Logically, never give him any access to these types of apps. Usually it is useless applications you only show ads to then tell you that you can’t update the Android version of your smartphone. As expected, other applications will proceed to steal the private information of your mobile by means of malicious codes.

it Is impossible for you to upgrade your version of Android by means of an application. This is a must have very clear. The new versions of Android take months to reach, and made official. This means there is not any kind of app magical you can update your mobile.

Finally, it is of vital importance that you know that in the Play Store there are apps with fake banks. Here we tell you what are the malicious apps from the Ing Direct and BBVA. Takes note to not forget it. Stay alert, don’t trust apps of dubious origin.