Cyanogen changes, now make apps and utilities for Android


Can that many people would be surprised Cyanogen has made changes in their company, but what is certain is that when something is not going well, you need to reinvent. Cyanogen has been fired a time ago a part of your staff because things were not going well and the road that followed was not the correct one.

Few have been companies that had resorted to Cyanogen to install Cyanogen OS on their mobile phones and now that could be a interesting alternative (wanting Google to create an Android exclusive). In this case, we believe that Cyanogen is a company that has sin come sooner rather than later, now that Google had started its struggle towards an Android-exclusive Cyanogen could have given out of this course with an Android alternative, but that is an opinion, not the future that will take everything, even though we don’t discard it.

Instalar launcher Cyanogen

Cyanogen changes direction and will focus its development in modules for Android and utilities

Cyanogen has completely changed his approach, has been removed from his position as CEO Kirt McMaster and will relieve your charge to Lior Tal. McMaster will remain as chief executive of the together and Such will be in charge of that Modular OS Program to work as he has to do.

which aims to Cyanogen is to create parts of the system or utilities that could be integrated in any version of Android, regardless of whether people use it or not CyanogenMod or CyanogenOS. If you want your program to serve for something they will have to flee from the root or create something that is very easy to be.

The root is not an option if you want a universal project

The common people don’t want to root your mobile and if you want to create something modular, a change to the level of system you’ll need to create an application or a utility, to create a framework and modules should not be the option though we don’t have many details of this new program of Cyanogen. Your launcher is a good example, and as your launcher could create many more things, an app from the camera without equal, the best app to record, etc., Can reach very far if they do well with all that they know.

we Hope the company is channeled to where it should be creating applications and utilities for quality to Android, it was already time for them to realize that go around changing the ROM of the smartphone is not something we pursue all the users.

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