Cut the Rope:Magic swinging will come in December to Android

cut the rope nuevo juego diciembre

The games, do you spend your time when you don’t have anything else to do so you can have fun playing –even more so with the games that come out every day best for Android and mobile in general .If we see the ongoing evolution of the technology and hardware of our smartphones, the companies do not want to be left behind with regard to the application.

this Is the case of Cut the Rope and its developer ZeptoLab they don’t want us to forget that this will be the fifth birthday of the company. For let us not forget your birthday are giving away five articles in game for the game and, we provide party news about what will be the new game of the company.

New title will be available soon

If recently we have spoken of the supply of Game of Thrones giving away the first chapter as well as the offerings from EA and Chillingo for $ 0.10, now it is the turn of talk about Cut of Rope.

For those who don’t know, Cut the Rope is a game of logic released the year 2010. The game and its sequel of 2011 Cut the Rope: Experiments were developed by the british company, games and entertainment, ZeptoLab and published by Chillingo. In 2013 also comes a second sequel called Cut the Rope: Time Travel.

the objective of The game is to give a candy to a little green monster named Om Nom while collecting stars. Itself is an easy game although you have to use logic to be able to pass the level and get the stars.

however, following the previous titles, which were getting better several times, it is now the turn of the new game is called Cut the Rope: Magic swinging. As we know the adventure will continue with Om Nom. The only negative is that ZeptoLab has not commented more about the game, or have uploaded screenshots of the same thing that, we have to wait (with more or less eagerness) to get the new game, which you will find available in December of this year. On the other hand, the press note that has spread Misha Lyalin, CEO of Zeptalb is, to say the least, little descriptive with respect to this new release:

“For five years, we have continued the development of the games Cut the Rope, adding new items, expanding the story and bringing new features and improvements. Today, we are happy to announce the fifth element of the series, Cut the Rope: Magic, which will arrive this christmas as it is usual in the tradition of Cut the Rope”.

we Assume, therefore, that the mechanics of the game will be the same with the only difference that can perform magical actions as the story unfolds and we are just completing the levels (hence the title).

we will Have to wait until December

As we can see, has not wanted to discuss anything about the new title, which means that do not want to put the meat on the grill yet with the game and wait to the christmas time to get it out as is their tradition.
The company still wants us to remember all your pass by the video game industry, which is not bad currently. The series of Cut the Rope has gained around 750 million downloads in those 5 years figures amazing of course but far away from some titles such as Crash of Clans, for example.

cut the rope 5 años imagen

What we know is that Cut the Rope:Magic is more and more near, and, of course will come to Android (and iOS). The details of the price not mentioned but all the games have been free including purchases within the game that makes us think that it would be the same with this title, therefore, we will have to wait to know more details on the new title of the series.

do You like Cut the Rope? What do you think of the new game?

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