Cut the Rope: Magic will come to Android in November

Cut the Rope Magic

many of you do not I will ring the company ZeptoLab but if we mention Cut the Rope sure some are going to fall and is the developer of this game is preparing for a new title. Is in the fifth birthday of the same when, in addition to giving away some extras on their titles, announce their next delivery.

Cut the Rope: Magic still have our protagonist favorite, Om Nom and bring us an adventure with the puzzles typical of the series and a physical similar but with changes to magic that will make the game exciting possibilities the problem is that ZeptoLab has not given many more details.

Cut the Rope Magic aniversario

Cut the Rope: Magic, the third installment of the series

As we have in ZeptoLab is the fifth year of its history, and have been working hard to bring the saga new items, a continuation of the campaign and new features. Cut the Rope: Magic will be coming out for Android in November of this year.

The most important of a magic trick is the element of surprise but the mechanics should be similar to the previous installments so that we can intuit. The game will consist of the usual, get candy for Om Nom at the same time that we try to get the highest amount of stars but this time, with unforeseen, still more random than usual.

Cut the Rope: Magic will be available in November

throughout these 5 years a small company like ZeptoLab has got more of 750 million downloads and while it may not be too much in a world full of mobile devices is much.

we Know that Cut the Rope: Magic will come to Android in November, and iOS in December but there are no details about pricing although we can not forget that Cut the Rope is a free title with in-app purchase and that should be the format that will be used for the next game. We will know more details in the coming months.

do Not you have never played a Cut the Rope? we must Not forget that it is one of the puzzles games more fun that we found for Android and, in addition to entertaining, have a section of visual care.

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