Critical Ops, an FPS to Counter Strike which you can already try on your Android

critical-opsattempts to bring a game like Counter Strike to mobile devices have been few, and with an ending that the developers did not expect. However, it is on the way a new game based on the FPS called Critical Ops, which is now available on your alpha phase.

The game seems to be that takes a lot of time being developed, according to reports from DroidGamers. If you wanted it to appear a game of this style for mobile devices you are in luck, the game is available in alpha stage and is now available for download from the link that we will leave at the end of the article.

critical-ops-4may At first glance give the impression that a game of this style do not behave well on mobile devices or have bad graphics. However, we were surprised that the works smoothly and the graphics are much better than we could expect.

once inside the game will have the possibility to choose on which side of the map we want to play. There are two possibilities, to join the side of the terrorist or Counter-Terrorist. The operation of the game is very similar to that of Counter Strike of a lifetime.

To win the game we will have to try eliminate all of the opposing team, in the case of the terrorists also we will be able to achieve victory if we plant the bomb and we managed to protect it until it explodes. If we’re playing in the opposing team, that is to say, with the Counter-Terrorist by turning off the pump we will win the game.

critical-ops1-001-1available large arsenal of weapons with which we can play, in addition to the maps that includes this game are best and contain details carefully executed all previous attempts to bring a game of this style to mobile devices, you can enjoy the trailer of the alpha version below.

In these moments it is possible to sign up as a tester for the alpha version of the game. The download is totally free, however, it is necessary to have a device quite powerful to be able to enjoy the game with the highest possible quality.

Google Play | Critical Ops (Free)

what you were Looking for a game of this style? What did you like?

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