Corning Gorilla Glass 5 will come to the end of the year

gorilla glass 5

Gorilla Glass 5 is already here. Gorilla Glass is popularly known for making resistant against scratches and cracks to the screens of the terminals. But this new version of Gorilla Glass 5 want to be even better, because it promises to survive falls of myocardial… of 1.6 meters, as if the phone fell of a shoulder for example, or while you’re doing a selfie… that you always have the fear that you drop the mobile if you catch it wrong (now you know that it won’t hurt).

As we have seen in the blog itself, of Corning, is amazing what they have accomplished in this new version. The availability of Gorilla Glass 5 is expected for the end of the year. We are eager to see it already in the new smartphones. Do not miss the video because it is awesome:

Gorilla Glass 5, stronger and more resilient than ever

Gorilla Glass 5 equipped with a new solution of glass, who will protect us against falling higher… surviving to 1.6 metres in height. This means, that if our smartphone has Gorilla Glass 5 and falls on the shoulder of a person (approximately) will come out intact. It is quite high, however, because it normally falls from the height of hands-down…

Now users who purchase a terminal with Gorilla Glass 5 will be better protected. If you’re taking photos up high and drops you… you will know that nothing has happened. You’ll be able to perform activities with more peace of mind that nothing will happen.

Offers resistance to scratches, rascazos, tactile sensitivity… Offers the best combination of protection and performance on the market, adapted to touch devices and high resolution.

Can take selfies without fear that you drop the mobile

You’ll be able to be quiet with Gorilla Glass 5 that your mobile won’t hurt if it falls to 1.6 m. You’ll be able to take selfies, or even live more adventures, because you’ll be more protected that until now. There are No limits in what is new.

gorilla glass 5 corning I Hope you watched the video because it reflects very well!

we will Know more as we progress in months, but not what we would see until the end of 2016 to put in place. Surely to arrive with the new Galaxy S8. What less!

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