Confirmed details of the Samsung Galaxy View, a tablet 18.4 inch

Stand de Samsung en el MWC

Seems to be that from now on the tablets size XL will be a standard between manufacturers. Some, like the koreans from Samsung have already given way to his own, call Samsung Galaxy View, and that is, apparently, and beyond the iPad Pro presented a few months or the Surface Pro 4 of Microsoft, presented a few weeks ago, there is a market for such huge devices.

In the international media as the person who picks up this news, GSMArena, it is referred to as kitchen tablets, and Samsung has not been the first manufacturer in tinkering with a tablet Android large format. Sony already wanted to move closer to a large-format Tablet Z, and more recently Alcatel showed his creation of 17 inches, the OneTouch Xess. Below you can see the aspect this device:


The koreans have not yet announced the Samsung Galaxy View way official, but the tablet, 18.4 pugadas, has already been allowed to see in some other site. The device has already gone through the FCC, and has also gone through GFXBench. This week saw a booking page in the store online Adorama, but someone has retired from the Internet.

In the page, according to the source, confirming specifications of the Samsung Galaxy View: 18.4 inch screen, Full HD resolution, Exynos processor 7580, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, slot for microSD and a camera front 2.1 megapixel camera –no rear camera–. In terms of connectivity, we have Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G. The battery is located in 5,700 mAh, and is said to have an autonomy of about 8 and a half hours of video playback.

At Adorama was that the price of the device was $ 599. The reserves, we insist, should already be abieras, but someone closed the page. Maybe they’re waiting for Samsung to announce the tablet formally, but in any case we may have official confirmation about this in a few days.

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