Clean and extends the battery of your handset with new applications of Avast

avast Android

Although Android is a great operating system with its pros and cons, often and as our use we put at risk and may need antivirus, Avast there is one of the most used and known worldwide for its effectiveness, several integrated utilities and above all, to be free .

And not all risks and problems in our terminal virus are also the cause of mismanagement battery if we have installed many apps running in the background, or filling it with useless data as duplicate pictures , so that the end with one thing or another, ends not work well here come the new applications of Avast, which put an end to it all.

Avast GrimeFighter

avast Grimefighter

Like other as Clean Master will help simple way to eliminate that space used and unnecessary for our terminal , making a convenient analysis will find all the information you should keep and which to discard. It also offers a secure erase that removes only the most problematic as cache, residual files or old installations that remain in memory.

also includes a uninstaller applications, a sought after large files and a list of excluded to certain folders, or similar data never, ever be deleted. For more useful, also offers support with Dropbox where we will upload data to the cloud to further eliminate them.

Google Play | GrimeFighter Avast (Free)

Avast Battery Saver

avast Battery Saver

If your terminal for one reason or another cost you reach the end of the day, as our battery will not hold our pace, like Avast Battery Doctor this helps us create some profiles for which, according to hour, the current situation or the battery level off us the data, location, Wi-Fi or synchronization applications with their respective services to stop and so we save battery significantly. Besides, it also takes care of closing unnecessary applications continuously consume battery unnecessarily.

Of course there is no mystery or innovation, but it will be useful to all those with a high pace of daily life and your time is valuable, may automate this simple management and so deal with other tasks without giving up a cherished autonomy of our terminal.

Google Play | Avast Battery Saver (Free)

While we can say that they are good profits, both to free some space and improve performance, to save some battery that can be vital as that situation. They are not miracle, surely there are better, but certainly Avast good tools can do more than one would come of pearls , you dare to try?

And you do you think? Head over to Clean and extends the battery of your handset with new applications Avast to leave your mark.

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