Clash Royale would be working on creating a game


At this point everyone knows Clash Royale, and is that without going more far, is the game’s most successful by 2016, more than Pokémon GO Super Mario Run.

Today, however, we will not speak of the causes of their success, but of its future. As it seems, today Clash Royale is back in the news because it could include neither more nor less than an end of the game.

Clash Royale will end in a future

In effect, Clash Royale today does not have a purpose, that is to say, you can maximize all your troops, you can reach to the highest level (13), you can get to be the number one in the world and you can meet all the challenges, but “never you will go through the game” itself.

Well, as we read on Reddit, a member of the team of developers of Clash Royale should have given you to understand that he and his team would be working to create an “end game”, a way of stopping Clash Royale and come to an end, so to speak.


The cause of the Clash Royale is proposing to create a game can come that it is a game something repetitive. Somehow, their players top don’t have any other distraction to play with new cards or challenges.

This “problem” happens with all games from Supercell: Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and There is Day there is no end to. Accordingly, it may be that Supercell has chosen to Clash Royale as the doll test, and put forth a goal to achieve in one of their games.

Nueva Actualizacion Clash Royale

Even so, we do not know the veracity of these words, so do not have to take it at the foot of the letter. As dictated by tradition in the Supercell, to the end of the year Clash Royale presented us with quite a few new developments that would be coming in the next few days, so more news on this end of the game slow to come.

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