Clash Royale: letters affected with the update of the June 21,

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The new update of Clash Royale will take place next Tuesday June 21. In this article we will tell you the changes in the cards in the Clash Royale by this June update, so that you know if your team will favored, or rather the opposite, because you already know that some improve and others get worse a little bit. It is always so. You already know that this June update is late, but what is important is that you finish coming.

As you already know, every month we have this clash of cards that improve and worsen. Will thing of 2 months ago, one of the letters key that was used by everyone in the world was the mortar, but the balance changes made that would take too much to activate, and did less damage, so that the users stop to use it. Now, is the giant noble one of the letters key. But what will happen in this update? What cards will improve and what will get worse? What we analyze.

clash royale cambios 21 junio

Clash Royale: Changes update June 21

These are the cards affected in this June 21, . From that point you will need to update the game to continue playing. These changes can be found in the mailbox, inside of Clash Royale.

  • Montapuercos: reduces damage by 6%.
  • Prince: it increases the damage by 9%.
  • PEKKA: increases damage by 8%.
  • Barrel of goblins: the generation time of the elves is reduced from 1.2 to 1 seconds.
  • Crossbow: it reduces the deployment time from 5 to 4 seconds. Life is increased by 18%.
  • Mortar: reduced deployment time from 5 to 4 seconds.
  • Oven life is increased from 40 to 50 seconds.
  • Guards: it eliminates the effect of back after break shields.
  • Witch: increases damage by 17%.
  • Hound lava: increases damage by 28%.
  • Skeletons: generate 3 instead of 4.
  • Canyon: life is reduced to 8%.
  • Tesla: life is increased by 8%.

These changes are quite succulent. Clearly indicate that the new letter, revelation is the hound of lava. It is not exactly easy to stop. As we tell you how to play and stop the hound of lava in the Clash Royale, but now with the 28% year-over-year, it will cost more to do so. If you have an ice mage, you will have less problems. I would also suggest minions and zap. But in level 2 is quite strong.

As you can see, some cards better and others get worse. The change is more shocking is that of this letter flying. The other goes up or down, but not too far, although, of course, that it is to be noted, as the witch, a 17% more damage is pretty although every time is to use less.

What do you think about these changes of Clash Royale for June 21? Do not hesitate to tell us how it looks affected your computer. Mine is basically the montapuercos, which now will attack less, but my prince will be stronger.

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