Circulate SMS with fake gift cards from The English Court


there is an new scam related to The English Court by SMS, which I myself have received on one of my mobile last night. In the message, we can read something like “congratulations, your number xxx has been chosen for 1 gift card and the English Court valued at € 1,000 completely free. Call us now at 80 64 49 109“. The trap is in the number, which is payment, and possibly costing us 1 euro and spike the minute. Here is the hoax!

Circulate many SMS from this style, that we alert that we have won a prize and to claim it we need to send a SMS or call a number. It is clear that if we haven’t participated in anything recently, we cannot touch anything, but many users feel itchy and then when they see the invoice, they tremble. It is a complete scam.

Thymus related to The English Court by SMS

estafa corte inglesIf you receive the previous SMS, delete it, but please do not call the number (do not click or even on top of it because some smartphones automatically called). And if you are caught, you will have paid equal to almost 2 euros for just pick up and hang up. Are fraudulent numbers that are dedicated to send SMS in string, because it always bites someone. Hence the scam, the money they take with the calls.

This SMS in question says the following “Enhorabuena!, your number xxx has been chosen to 1tarjeta gift of the English Court valued at € 1,000 completely free. Call us now at 80 64 49 109″.

Yesterday was also the day without VAT in The English Court, since that surely took advantage of this great day to send messages, for someone to sting and took advantage of the gift card, taking into account that everything was going to be cheaper.

do Not forward the SMS to anyone. Simply on the alert, because not everyone realizes that it is a hoax, because when you view the SMS automatically see that we’ve won a prize (that in virtually 100% of the times turns out to be a lie).

Other scams circulating on WhatsApp, beware

Posts like these are kicks. Also in WhatsApp. Careful also with the message that WhatsApp will be checked soon, there are many scams like this on the net, and you have to be careful if you don’t want to take the fright in the invoice. And never write your phone number on any site, if you subscribe to SMS premium.

What do you think of this scam? You wouldn’t have received anything for the style, isn’t it? to Be an attempt to avoid the message, don’t call never to this kind of numbers fradudulentos.

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