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Choosing a terminal is an important decision and often with teenagers “the hard way” is taken. Many of you have seen more than once to teens and pre-teens next generation mobile and high-end. Ahead of this event may be that the young man in question to have a good phone Android and is interested in how it works, thus making a good profit from it. However, it might also just use your phone to answer four “WhatsApp’s” and enter Facebook.

In the latter case, their parents are or who you bought the mobile will have spent 600 euros for something that can make a mobile of 170 euros or less I’m not saying that a young person does not You can have a terminal edge far. I’m generalizing.
If we add the price of an insurance policy, we arrive at a figure that unusual. That’s why today I give some advice to buy a Android that fits your needs and taking into account the economic factor.


What we must consider

Today Smartphones make many functions and have many uses. Here we propose a list of features to consider when buying a terminal:

  • Age : It’s not the same to buy a mobile for a child, an adult or an older person . Generally speaking, a young need a mobile to selfies , instant messaging and music. An adult, for example, to work, therefore, good connectivity, you may need DualSim , a large screen or stylus. If you are a person who is not accustomed to technology, you need a phone with a large screen, hard keys, and the fair and necessary functions, not more.
  • Use : Maybe you want a Smartphone only to send work emails, send “WhatsApp’s” with friends, take pictures or use it as GPS. Depending on whether you’re going to use to keep in mind if you want the mobile is able to give it .
  • Battery : This category is closely related to the previous one. If I use my cell phone to send “WhatsApp’s” at the same time I call, I write a post and took a picture of my friends, all that with mobile data and maximum brightness, I must take into account the capacity of my battery if it is capable of stand all day with the use we make it or not.
  • size and screen resolution : I can not read conditions if my phone has a 4-inch screen, or if I spend the day I will be uncomfortable calling a mobile 6 inches. In Android world there are screens of all kinds , from 3.3 to 6.4 or more inches. We must consider that we need, or that screen quality and often rises sharply the price of the terminal.
  • Speed ​​: I mean the ability to speed for my Android action. If I am a taxi driver and use my phone as a GPS, I will need to load fast directions, instructions or me on time, I can not afford to spend street. On the other hand, if I give use more “relaxed” to my terminal, and for example want to teach my friends the pictures of the trip, if that I can afford to wait a few seconds for my phone to charge the Neither gallery I’m saying that you should buy a low-end mobile lock every two three. To decide this feature we look at the CPU and RAM our Android desired.
  • House : This section is only to remember that some devices have this highly developed feature and causes your price is higher . Therefore, we will consider that our properties have camera function always use that we will give.

In addition to all this, the Android own brought on 12 June this year a tool that helps you to choose according to these characteristics with some simple categories. It’s called Android “Which Phone”

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Android “Which Phone”

As we discussed in this article, Android “Which Phone” is a tool that helps us to find the right mobile making choose three or more categories to which we give more importance . There are twelve in total, such as social networking, camera, video games or listen to music.
This tool is ideal because stress that is most important to us and we discard those phones with qualities we would not have used . Furthermore, once we present the terminals, we can choose between three price categories; “Low, Mid, and High” and enter the desired size of your terminal screen; “Small, Medium and Large.”

I should add, but there is the phenomenon of “shaping”. In my opinion, when we buy a mobile bought one of upper-middle range, and assume that meet our expectations. If something lame, we are satisfied with what we have. This phenomenon brands know this and tend to make phones for the public, who are not pointers in a single thing, but will try to be fair at all. Obviously there is the other side of the coin with people who do not know what can they have on hand and people who know everything and can not afford it.

Android | Find the Android phone for you

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And you? How did you choose your your Android? Did you consider these characteristics?

And you do you think? Head over Choose the best Android you need and that fits you to leave your mark.

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