Check your Horoscope with these 5 free apps

If you are a person who likes to constantly check the horoscope to know that you are the future holds, you will like these 5 free apps that we have brought for you to download them to your Android phone.

Forget about going to websites or reading magazines, with these applications you’ll be able to see your sign or your partner easily when you want to.

Your daily Horoscope

The first application that we offer is one of the most popular in the sector (more than 1 million downloads). This is mainly due to that you can consult several issues as quickly, and, love, money, health, work and luck.

you Can enter on the link below and review the comments left by the users on the Play Store, where the majority are amazed with the accuracy of the predictions.

Horoscope of today

Another application very well-made, with a seamless design and simple to people who do not have much time. Just enter the application, choose the sign you want to look up and immediately shows you the predictions for the day.

My Horoscope

This app is the most used, 10 million downloads in the Play Store. Its success may be due to your developer account with more than 20 years of experience in astrology, and still maintains an excellent reputation.

The application allows you to share predictions for the different social networks.

Horoscope Love

unlike the previous applications, this focuses exclusively on the theme of love, with custom predictions and very accurate.

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Has a section that shows you the compatibility that you have your sign in the love with the rest. In addition, it allows you to install a widget for that you will have no need of entering to the application for read daily your horoscope. you Can use it even without Internet connection.

Astroguía – Horoscope and tarot

Perhaps it is the app more complete list. With it, you can read your daily horoscope related to love, work, sensuality, money, and health. Also you can read the tarot, stacking the cards.

Another of its functions more eye-catching is the of such and memes. You can check out different images with phrases, individuals of every sign and share it on the social networks with your friends.

¿it has served any of these applications? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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