Challenge of choice and elixir in Clash Royale

Almost every weekend, Clash Royale surprises us with a new event that allows us to earn chests, and gold cards in the game. Well, this weekend it is the turn of the challenge of choice and elixir, which is different to any other event that we have known up to now and that we can get a lot gold and cards.

Challenge of choice and elixir

What is different about the challenge of choice and elixir? As its name indicates, it is a challenge of choice; that is to say, we chose 4 cards and our opponent’s the other 4. Few days ago I leave you a guide to winning the challenge of choice in the Clash Royale. But it is not a challenge of normal choice and power; because both we and our opponent’s we played with the double elixir from the start of the battle.


The rewards for milestone are the following:

  • 1 victory: 1500 gold
  • 3 victories: 3000 gold
  • 5 victories: 6000 gold
  • 7 victories: 12000 gold
  • 9 victories: 24000 gold

guaranteed prize simply by participating, after 0 victories, is 700 gold and 10 letters. If we get to make us with the 9 victories, we get 5750 gold and 265 cards; at least 2 of them are epic and 26 special.

Rules tournament challenge of choice and elixir

  • Level of the tower of the king: 9
  • Level of the common cards: 9
  • Level of the special cards: 7
  • Level of the cards epic: 4
  • Level of the legendary cards: 1
  • extra Time: 3 minutes

as in the rest of the challenges of Clash Royale, if we lose 3 times the challenge ends and we receive our reward in function of the victories we have won.

In short, to win does not seem too complicated if we can make a good deck and to combine a good a strategy of defense and attack. Of course, if we don’t have a mallet too good, taking into account that our opponent has twice the elixir from the beginning, it can be done with the game in a matter of seconds.

Is a fantastic opportunity for us with letters, and gold, which never come evil in the Clash Royale. In addition, the first entry is free of charge, so try not to get.

so good luck to all!

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