Celebrate Christmas with Pokémon GO: Niantic presents an event with new bonuses

¿Cuánto han andado en total todos los usuarios de Pokémon GO?

The year 2016 already touches its end, and a year that could well be summed up as the year of Pokémon GO could not end without a special event carried out by the people of Niantic.

Said and done: such as we have from the official blog of the popular video game, during these weeks of christmas the coaches are going to be able to enjoy new bonuses on the occasion of the celebration of these festivals.

Christmas comes to Pokémon GO with a new event


As stated in this announcement, from now on there will be more possibilities of power to get to Togepi, as well as other Pokémon, eclosionando an egg. This bonus will run from the morning of the 25th until the 3rd day of January of the next year.

in Addition, now the Poképaradas will provide an incubator for a single use each day, the first time you spin the disc. On the other hand, in the Poképaradas there will be a greater likelihood of finding eggs able to hatch the Pokémon of the second generation, introduced recently, as we were the companions of Xombit Games.

we’re Not going to have to worry if we have not yet achieved a Pikachu with hat Christmas, well, this Pokemon will continue to appear over the next few days.

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