Careful with the APKs fake Super Mario Run

Before searching the APK Super Mario Run for Android you should know that you can find here, but only in the time that is available. In the meantime you’re going to be tempted to download a lot of incomplete files of the web with malware.

Super Mario Run is only available for iOS at the time, but the large number of users who are looking for Android is huge. We know that Super Mario Run itself will come to Android in 2017 but, for the moment, there are no data as to when it will.


beware, a APK fake can infect your mobile

Don’t warn you in advance that the APKs that are going to download, unless you do from the source that we recommend, are going to have virus. Insurance. At the moment it is very usual that the games are about to launch are to be used as bait for many hackers to infect your device. In addition to the settled willingly, by will own.

When Pokémon Go came out was only available in some countries and then other people were loading the APK but this time is different. Of time Super Mario Run for Android is not there and when it is available only in other countries will also go on the source that we recommend. You just have to go there, view the source and check if you put “coming Soon” or “Download“. Of time the only thing you can do is to see the characters that you can use or play on a device with iOS.

Super Mario Run is coming soon, do not fear

The only way to play Super Mario Run on Android is to use an emulator of iOS (which rarely work) or play on an iPhone or iPad. You must keep in mind that download malware on your mobile you can take to stop useless in your phone or even steal bank details of your phone, passwords and more data of interest.

Only have two real possibilities, and consistent, or to wait for it to come to Android or get an iPod Touch (which tend to be cheap) to get you to play before anyone else. It is the best option and we’re going to do with one to go away advanced things.

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