Care, Android N could leave your device useless

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“Google warned us, but we don’t listen”. Many users of Nexus that have been updated to Android N through the program betas of Google are in a serious problem, because if they want to go back in time not only will lose it all, but that could leave useless terminal. As well as you story. All of this, comes from a notice that Google gave us in his time and to which many (me included) did not do nor case. We tell you that this is all headed:

Android N, is the worst enemy right now?

descargar android n nexusit Is undeniable that on this occasion we were put in the tray to update Android N, because while other years we had to flash the terminal, now only enough to bind our terminal to the program betas of Google to see the OTA Android N in just a few seconds after.

But sometimes everything is so easy to cause distrust, and many users now want to return back in time can’t or don’t want to do it for fear. Because in many forums users have told us that Android N has left their tablets and smartphones useless (not boot), because they did not what they had in their time (but was also not as intuitive as Google is thought).

  • If you have flashed your Nexus with Android N, I hope you’ve made a backup, because if you’re not going to lose it all. If Google warned of this, we don’t listen, just installed the OTA that came comfortably to our smartphone as an upgrade more. The problem would come if we want to go back to the Marshmallow, because we will lose all the data if you have not done the backup before the upgrade.
  • But this other problem is much worse than losing the data, because it would leave the phone unusable, as the OTA that allows us to go back in time and go back to Marshmallow might not work, and leave the mobile K. O. That, if we receive it, because there are users who do not receive it (don’t know the reason) and still not be able to go back to Marshmallow. What’s worse, is if it doesn’t work, because it would damage your Nexus or tablet.

Ought to have unlocked the bootloader

If you want to go back to Marshmallow and you have not made a backup, you are in a serious problem, because you know that you will lose everything. So you should think two times and well what to do. But what is more serious, is the following. And you wonder, why is all of this? What is not the fault of Google? To halfhearted, because in his time we had to unlock the bootloader to be able to install everything. However, many users linked to your Nexus the beta program of Android N and did not do this earlier, and if the update to go back to Marshmallow you fail, you could be without Nexus.

If you’re in this situation, don’t worry. It is best that you stuck on Android N until getting a response. I know it works perfect, but better than being left without a mobile safe that is. Soon we will have more data. We will follow the issue very closely because we are in the Nexus 6S have this same problem.

What do you think of the news? Who do you think is to blame?

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