Can you get a selfie while you applaud with both hands? Is the new fashion viral

Can you get a selfie while you applaud with both hands? Is the new fashion viral


the Internet is a wonderful world. Is that site the same thing you’ve come across a video of a kitten, which is a tutorial of makeup that a selfie without hands. This is the last thing on the Internet, the latest trend that is causing a furor in the social networks. A Twitter user went up recently to the social network its “particular version” of selfie, and already I can anticipate that it is madness if you value your phone.

As we all well know, the key to make a selfie is to have a good internal camera and a steady hand to hold the phone in such a way that it does not vibrate and the photo comes out sharper. But that is very 2015. Now what is carried is the High Five Selfie, invented by Seith Schneider, an engineering student of the State University of North Carolina (USA), is basically a selfie that is made without hands. How is this possible? Because it is far more absurd than you think.

To make a High Five Selfie you gotta get in front of a mirror and, literally, dropping the phone to the time you hit the five to yourself. That is why it is recommended to put it under a pillow or a cushion to cushion the blow that the phone is going to give you. While it is true that it is fun and there are users that have taken photos really fun, there are several people who have not met the same fate. and have been left without a screen.

Hands-free selfies: the coolest way to break your phone

If you want to join this fashion of social networks, the only thing you have to do is try it out for yourselves. My advice is that you put the timing of the camera and, when there is a second, soltéis from above to you from time to chocaros the five before the phone to take the photo. If you are brave and you dare, do not hesitate to share with us the picture.

do You get destroy the photo?