Buy your laptop smartly and do not repent

Buy your laptop smartly and do not repent

In the world of smart phone and tab, use of laptop has been limited, but nothing can replace a laptop or when it’s time for doing essential works. There are thousands of models in the market but how to choose a laptop that will match with your requirement.

Purpose of purchasing the laptop

  • If you are a student you need a laptop to make projects, for surfing internet; for that purpose you do not need any high configuration software.
  • If you are a business executive you need to communicate with your employee or clients with it, surf through the internet all the time, and inspect over the business process therefore you need a laptop which is able to provide long battery backup and strong speakers and which is easy to carry.
  • Powerful processor and distinct graphics, high resolution display, SSD and robust speaker are needed to compile in your laptop if you are a software developer, a sound or video maker, and animator.
  • But if are buying it for your kid then go for a lighter configuration notebook; a laptop must be handled sophistically and a kid may damage it. Hence it’s worthless to buy an expensive one for a kid.

Size does matter

If you need to carry your laptop everyday then choose a mini laptop as it would be easy to carry. 11 to 12 inch laptops are the thinnest never weigh more than 3 pounds, but some users may not find the keyboard as comfortable as 15 inch laptop.  These types of laptops are favorable for school and college goers and business executives.

15 inch is the standard size of laptop, you may buy this screen for any purpose, and this size is popular among the users. This day many notable companies are manufacturing thinnest and sleekest

But you like to buy a bigger screen then you may go for 17-18 inch but it’s hard to port as its weight is around 7pound. This laptop is packed with powerful graphics system and quad-core CPUs and multitude storage drives.

Check the battery durability

Check the longevity of the battery life, a 15-inch laptop should provide at least 4 hours durability. A notebook’s battery life is longer than a laptop; therefore if you want to keep aside from the plug point go for a notebook.

Different operating system

OS are already installed in to the laptop but you may change it after as per your requirements.

Windows are the most popular OS; MAC OS X is manufactured to work with MAC hardware and cannot be used without MACBook. Linux is a free OS with variety distributions and ChromeOS is compatible for those systems which are consistently connected with the internet.

Check the amount of RAM because it is needed to run applications and store volatile data. It is suggested to use core i7 processor for gaming and extensive using of the laptop. Always try to buy the laptops with highest resolution to get a better view of the web pages and your tasks.