Buy the new dryer of ions in the water Xiaomi, what a good idea?

Looking for among the enormous catalogue of Xiaomi, we have found a dryer that helps to take care of damaged hair. The best thing is that it is on sale for only 44€ Banggood and might be interesting for you.

Is a dryer that uses the advanced “T-shaped”. Thanks to this, you get a large volume of air, care of the hair with ions in the water and free rotation of 360°. The dryer intelligently controlled temperature, the circulation of cold air-and hot air nozzle style magnetic.

Dryer ions in the water of Xiaomi, why should you buy it?

The secret to restore your scalp hair is in the replacement of water in your hair, thanks to its ion technology. When the humidity of the air passes through the dryer, this is condensed into a capsule which then is downloaded to your hair by means of this system, hydrate you with a stream of cold air. It is somewhat complex to explain, but what it does is hidratarlo in a natural way.

Thanks to this technology, the dryer helps to recover the vitality of your hair. Below we explain some of its features

  • three modes: hot air, cold air, and a mixture of both.
  • Has a power of 1800 wattios.
  • The cable connection the current is 1.8 meters.

If you want more information on the same as well as their modes, features complete technical, etc, you Can see them in the store. Since then, it’s still a very interesting option if you are looking for a hair dryer that provides you a little something extra and not just hot air.

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