Build your own virtual reality goggles for an easy and affordable way

hacer-gafas-realidad-virtualwe Cannot deny that virtual reality is on the rise and that more and more users that are trying to enter to this “world”. In addition, there are already many manufacturers that have been remangado and have been put to work in their own virtual reality goggles.

it Is true that the more options leading to today have a cost to something high that not all users are willing to take, so many are looking for alternatives for something more affordable that would enable them to have their first experience of VR. And it is at this point where the guys from Google presented its “low cost” with its Google Cardboard, a virtual reality goggles that has already been promoting for some time.

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For those who don’t know, the company’s Mountain View decided to gift these glasses – they are made with cardboard – to all attendees at the Google I/O 2014, the event that the company held every year to present their main innovations. It is clear, as we have said before, that not all have the possibility of access to a Samsung Gear VR or other similar options sure that they will be willing to invest a few minutes in becoming your own.

hacer-gafas-realidad-virtual-2 do you Want to know how you can assemble your own virtual reality goggles? Come with us and we will explain you how to do it step by step.

Build your own virtual reality goggles

Before you begin to build our own virtual reality goggles we will need to take into account the materials that you will need:

  • special Lenses in order to focus the screen of our mobile device. You can buy them at Amazon at a price really affordable.
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  • A cardboard for the structure of the glasses – we recommend the E-class, due to its hardness -.

  • An elastic band or velcro to keep closed the glasses at the time of use.

  • A magnet for our device do not move when you put on the inside of the glasses.

  • A smartphone Android this running a version higher than the 4.1.

once we have all the necessary materials and we are confident that our mobile device has the required operating system, you only need to follow the following steps:

  • In the first place, we will have download the kit from Google, to build these glasses. The PDF that you will download will be the templates that will print to mount the glasses.

  • then we will have cut these templates and stick them on the cardboard – you can use glue of normal bar –. We will have to pay special attention to the numbers that has each of the templates, because we must superimpose the white numerals over the black to make everything fit the right way.

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  • After making sure that everything is pasted correctly, only we will have to go cut the cardboard following the shape of the template that we stuck. To do this we will be able to make use of scissors or a cutter.

  • once everything is trimmed, as is due, we will need to start with the mounting of the glasses. With a lot of care we will go bending the cardboard on brands that are in the template and we will see how everything starts to take the desired shape.

  • finally, just have to to put the magnet, lenses and velcro fastenings so that our device fits into the interior of the glasses.

Although it might seem otherwise, the truth is that it is a fairly simple process and doesn’t take us more than about 15 or 20 minutes. It should be clarified that you will need to download the tool “Cardboard” that is available free on Google Play.

of course, in the store of Google applications you will also find many options to enjoy our new glasses and the experience of a VR is very interesting. If you have already mounted your glasses we would like to know your experience in the comments.

Google Play | Cardboard

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