Brawl Stars: the new game from the creators of Clash Royale is now available

Supercell announced last year Brawl Stars, a new game that until recently so I was just available in some countries, such as Canada or Hong Kong. The company has already confirmed weeks ago that the title would to all mobile this month of December, and finally is already available for download.

through his Twitter account, the new work of Supercell confirmed the global launch on 12 December, a game that leaves behind the famous system of letters, and the goal of destroying the tower of the king, so popular is made with Clash Royale.

On this occasion, the Brawl Stars offers battle of three against three, in which the user will be able to embody one of the 15 characters available in the game, called Brawlers. As usual, each one of them has two special abilities that can be combined with those of the rest of the characters in the team to fight for the victory.

Battles of three cons three

The game features a large number of characters that can be improved with force points or unique aspects. To score points there is that kill the rest of people and to achieve the objectives. The new work from the creators of Clash Royale stands out for its game modes in games 3 against 3: Atrapagemas, Survival, Bounty hunter, Robbery andBall Brawl.

As is customary in the works of Supercell, Brawl Stars will be receiving updates in the future and will also feature special events, dealing with the boss in the mode All on one or defend your safe from the attacks of the robots in the mode Fight robotics. Even the players themselves can create their maps.

Brawl Stars, that at 13:00 Spanish time will be announced in the video that you can find above, is already is available for download both for Android as for iOS devices. The game is free but, as usual, the user can use real money to buy some items.

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