BQ will not develop, most smart phones, it Vsmart will this work!

BQ will not develop, most smart phones, it Vsmart will this work!

If you like the smartphones from BQ, it may be that the news that you’re about to read is not of your liking. The Spanish company of technology will now only produce 3D printers and robotics kits. In a few words, there will be more mobile BQ, I just Vsmart!

through an open letter to its customers, BQ made it clear that would be devoted to other activities that have nothing to do with the Android universe. However, it claimed that Vsmart the mobile brand of Vingroup, will continue with the business of the smart phones.

Goodbye BQ, hello VSmart


For if you do not know, Vingroup is the majority partner of World Reader (the company behind the brands BQ). This is a conglomeration of vietnamese companies that have a value of 16 billion dollars and a similar vision to that of the Spanish brand.

From now on, Vsmart will be responsible for the development of smart phones. In addition, the engineers of the Spanish brand had already worked in the factories of Vingroup in Vietnam. In a nutshell, there is a news that is quite surprising.

what, Exactly, will BQ outside of the Android universe?

BQ will continue to sell printers, 3D and robotics kits aimed at children. These products of the Spanish brand have garnered significant success with the passing of time. Although it is not a segment as popular as the smartphone, the BQ has managed to highlight in these technology markets.

BQ Aquaris U2 y U2 Lite

Vsmart will take the baton for to continue the legacy left by BQ in the market of Android phones. You can go saying goodbye to the BQ Aquaris, a family of mobile mid-range that we will always remember.

Although many mobile phones from BQ were receiving Android Foot, the Spanish brand will leave everything in the hands of Vsmart. And you, do you think that this will be a good move for the company?