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website, besides enjoying with my all kinds, we are also lovers music , and therefore, from time to time we like to write about things linking both worlds. In fact, for example, recently we told you so all over the emulator amplifier and effects processor AmpliTube UA. This time we want to show the app for you not Conform to listen, but also want learn to play . You will see that not only iOS users have options to learn to play instruments or play guitar in particular.

The option to Android of which I want to talk about is called BlackBinder . It is an app of Spanish origin and has the support of Samsung, which is evident in details such as the compatibility with the S-Pen. As told in the web CNN Hit New, BlackBinder will allow store, classify, buy and read musical scores . Starting to talk about the possibilities of acquiring scores from app , we note that you will be able buy or rent in your store, but fortunately also find free RF scores . As if that were not enough, you can import scores in MXL format and XML .


Regarding the library function to rank, will allow you to have all your scores sorted and searchable by criteria such as year, genre, or artist name instruments . One of the most interesting parts of BlackBinder you find precisely the function of reading scores, and that passing score will advance one page, and respecting the rhythm that you elij√°is . Thus, you can practice with your instrument that you consider appropriate speed without having to worry for walking swiping to scroll through the score of the day. In short, this is a great option for your practice routines with your instrument, and only you are missing some detail how to use type tablature notation and sound reproduction to reach the status of others like Guitar Pro.

Play Store | BlackBinder (2.99 euros)


Have you considered the proposal BlackBinder Android ?, useful instruments to learn and practice you consider?

And you do you think? Head over BlackBinder. An interesting app scores for Android to make your mark

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