BlackBerry Vienna, Do you Want BlackBerry to be unique or is still a step back?


BlackBerry is today a company that is suffering enough to continue to stay afloat in the market smartphones. If we have already seen how it was one of the best companies a few years ago and, still continues to be one of pioneer companies in terms of their security in mobile phones is referred to, the truth is that he is not selling many terminals with your system BlackBerry 10.

For this reason, the BlackBerry plans have changed of course. It seems that now you are focusing on the Android system, not only for the creation of a system that could have support with this system, but to also create mobile with this system. One of these examples is BlackBerry, Priv, which has been a expected phone for its features and its manufacture, in which they included a physical keyboard beneath its screen.

BlackBerry Vienna is still committed to the physical keyboard

Although it seems that BlackBerry wants to innovate and adapt to the market, if it seems that always shows a touch of its own and staff that distinguishes them from other brands, this is undoubtedly the physical keyboard because, for the majority of terminals have been manufactured, a large part of their range includes physical keyboard.

If Priv appears to be his last card in the market smartphones, two days ago we saw that the canadian company could bring a new terminal with Android, which would be BlackBerry Vienna.

According to rumors, the terminal would be very similar to the BlackBerry, Priv, but portarĂ­a a physical keyboard right at the bottom of the terminal and would not be as the Priv, which carries a keyboard of the type slider. If the rumors are true, it seems that BlackBerry has no intention of doing terminals without a physical keyboard (although this is for the fans of the canadian brand is a welcome respite because their keyboards have always worked very well), but if that seems to want to differentiate themselves from the rest of its competitors.

Price adjusted to be more open to the market

One of the problems BlackBerry has always been that its terminals were expensive. The truth is that in itself were not bad devices because of their durability were good, and his software fulfilled his duties and was safe but, today most of the people are not entrepreneurs and do not look for a terminal expensive, or, if it is top-notch, which at least does not have a very high price.


Though the truth is that not like many people, the starting price of this new terminal to be as high as that of the terminal Priv, it seems that Vienna would come with specifications not as cutting edge as the Priv so that to say truth its price should not be so high.

If this is confirmed, the BlackBerry would be opening up a little more to the market with Android so you can sell more and leave the delicate economic situation in which you are currently located.

Vienna could be what you are looking for BlackBerry

even Though we are not very fond of the physical keyboard, the truth is that you are faster with a keyboard on the screen. The physical keys help us to be more precise, and, if you’re struggling to write even more.
Even so, and though it may seem that BlackBerry is always a step behind other companies, have always emphasized to differentiate from other and the fact of having physical keyboard in a market in which 99 percent of the _smartphones_no have it, is either a good strategy or a bad idea.

Even so, have to wait to see if the terminals have success and to see if the general public know how to appreciate these terminals. The truth is that not many will buy the Priv to the current price and will prefer your phone to look like Priv by adding your launcher or apps, but if the rumors become official and it is confirmed that its price will not be so high, we could be talking about a serious competitor in the market smartphones. Be that as it may, BlackBerry always wanted to be different from the rest of the companies and it has achieved (with bad results).

Now, it seems that the canadian company does not have a last card on the table and, true to the rumor, it could be the terminal that looks for the company to take back momentum, to return to what it was years ago, and, above all, to continue between us. The question is, do you get? We’ll have to wait to know the outcome.

what do you, what do you think about Vienna? What would be a good terminal? What would BlackBerry be saved?

What you think? Head over to BlackBerry Vienna, Do you Want BlackBerry to be unique or is still a step back? to leave your mark.

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