Black Shark and Black Shark 2: what are the differences?

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Without a doubt, the Black Shark, became one of the mobile most loved by gamers. Because it has many features that highlight its potency. But now, it has come to his brother, the new Black Shark 2, a smartphone very powerful which makes it against the competition.

Today we will compare all the details of these phones to see what differences there are and what has improved with the new terminal.

black shark 2 diseño

Black Shark vs Black Shark 2: comparative table

The features of these smartphones are very competitive in power. If you have similar things, but there are several improvements that have been made in the new Black Shark 2. And as we can see in the following table of specifications, the processor and batteries are some of the things that most attract atención.

Black Shark
Black Shark 2
Dimensions and weight 161,62 x 75,4 x 9.25 mm
190 g
163 x 75 x 8,77 mm
Screen 5,99 inch AMOLED FHD+ 6,39-inch AMOLED FHD+
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with graphics Adreno 630. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
RAM 6 u 8 GB 6, 8, or 12 GB
Almacenamiento 64 or 128 GB 128 or 256 GB
rear Camera Dual 12 MP + 20MP, f/1.75 Dual 12 MARKER f/1.75 + 12 MARKER f/2.2
front Camera 20 MP f/2.2 20 MP f/2.0
Connectivity WiFi AC dual-band, Dual SIM 4G, Bluetooth 5, NFC, GPS and USB-C. Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, WiFi Dual, Bluetooth 5.0, USB type-C 2.0 and support aptX
Batería 4.000 mAh with Quick Charge 3.0 4000 mAh with fast-load of 27 W

Designs to ensure the comfort of the players

These two phones have a design, similar, it can be said that the Black Shark 2 maintains the essence of its predecessor. Although this new delivery yes that brings modern twists that are very well adapted to the new generation of smartphones.

You can see that the Black Shark has a smaller screen, and in addition their frames are quite large at the top and bottom. It has a power button and does not have the notch.

For the later part, we see that it has many details with a housing that is curved to to ensure the comfort of the user. The rear camera-dual is located right in the center top of the phone and does not have the fingerprint reader on any side.

Now we will talk about the Black Shark 2, which has a design that is more convincing for the users of today. The truth is that it has improved a lot this new delivery, as there are several modern features that make him look very cool.

In the front already does not have a power button,, but which has a bigger screen with frames reduced and controlled by means of digital buttons. Still have no notch by the use of accessories. In addition, it has the fingerprint reader on the screen.

In the back has also improved a lot, since you do not have many details, is more minimalist. The same account with the housing is curved, but it is more subtle. Dual camera rear now sits vertically in the top left corner.

What is the best camera?

black shark comparativa camara

apparently, this time have not been focused on much in the camera as the Black Shark is still keeping the front in front of his successor, at least in the rear-facing camera. On the camera front, both phones have the same quality of 20 MP, excellent for selfies.

The Black Shark 2 is the most fast and powerful

black shark 2 toda la potencia

In power, it has also taken a big leap, here the Black Shark 2 takes the prize. Account with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 accompanied with 12 GB of RAM. This makes it one of the most powerful phones of today, it is even able to overcome the Xiaomi Mi 9 in speed.


black shark accesorios

we can Also notice an improvement in the fittings of these terminals. The control of the Black Shark had a lot of criticism for the discomfort in some games, for example, in PUBG it was extremely difficult to use the controls with this controller. Worked mostly for car games, or other continuous movements.

Now the Black Shark 2 comes with a new accessory enhanced similar to the Nintendo Switch. It is two knobs that go on the sides of the phone. Which makes it more comfortable to play. In addition, you can join the pieces to have a Gamepad completely, and can be connected to TV to play as if it were a console, how great not to?

¿What is the best?

We are very confident that it is worth the change. The Black Shark 2 surpasses its predecessor in many features. Although obviously this new release is worth a little more.

¿What you liked the most?